Carl LanderholmWhat makes Carl W. Landerholm — Mr. Brockton – a distinguished recipient of the 2018 James Edgar Community Service Award can be seen through the decades of Brockton children who have benefited from directly knowing him or his work.  Carl has given tours of his beloved Brockton to thousands of this city’s students over the years both in his capacity as longtime president of the Brockton Historical Society and as a constructor/inspector/building commissioner of some of Brockton’s most renowned structures.  He always wants to share his passion for all things Brocktonian with future generations.

Carl currently is serving as president of the national Brockton High School Alumni Association.  He leads the 60,000+ member organization in its efforts to increase Boxer Pride while also raising scholarship funds for current BHS students.

Carl has been involved with St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen, Father Bill’s & Main Spring House and Christ Congregational Church locally. Through his leadership of the Masons, he’s helped raise millions of dollars to support children with cerebral palsy as well as children with dentistry needs.

Both Carl and his beloved wife Diane have raised all three of their children, 11 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren through Brockton Public Schools.  Hundreds of city families and their children have enjoyed the personal hospitality and generosity of the Landerholms.

Carl, you have created a sense of place for the youth of Brockton by telling your stories with creative tutelage and passionate delivery.  Your tours are always in a positive tone, leading a curious audience to understand the responsibility you have gifted them and will forever carry your signature.   For more information about The James Edgar Award, The Brockton Historical Society and The Brockton High School Alumni Association, go to